Wade getting air

Wade getting air

Rensol Pty Ltd has embarked on exciting new initiatives through our Greater Community Programs. This is to do our part in demonstrating how people can be inspired to turn positive intentions into action. Rensol provides solutions to HR, labour hire and specialist recruitment. Therefore being a ‘people business’ it is key to our values align to help disadvantaged children and help Australia’s youth realize their dreams.

One such initiative is to getting behind some people that are close to the heart of Australia’s people. Recently, we aligned ourselves with a young central coast surfer; Wade Carmichael. Wade is currently ranked 51st in the world and this year is hoping to move up 20 places to compete on the World Tour.

Another Rensol community program is the support in helping children and young people that are victims of child abuse.  Rensol is proud to be associated with the organization F.A.C.A.A (Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia) run by Adam and his team. They help build the confidence of children who have suffered child abuse by mentoring them and showing the discipline and commitments for life through “Martial Arts”. Adam has established many links with the martial arts community and a number of high profile schools have assisted Adam in helping these kids grow in confidence by allowing them to train at their schools free of charge.

Over the last couple of years Adam has assisted and mentored many young children who have all benefited greatly from this program. Adam and his team continue to challenge and oversee incidents that occur and have become the voice of many people. Rensol is helping to provide the next step, in assisting these young people into the community via way of work and helping them find secure jobs.

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Rensol’s approach to greater community programs is based around helping those less fortunate to achieve their dreams and aspirations and lead a safe secure life.

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