Rensol is fast becoming one of the world’s most successful end-to-end service providers for temporary, contract and permanent recruitment specialising in the following key sectors:

  • Sales &
  • Construction, Property & Manufacturing
  • Natural Resources, Logistics & Utilities
  • Trades & Education
  • Media, Technology & Communications
  • Career Advice, Regulatory & Industry Associations
  • Retailing, Services & Administration

Rensol continues to receive overwhelming demand from our loyal database of tens of thousands of qualified employment candidates in your specialised marketplace. We strongly believe the employer marketplace is rapidly shifting away from a sole reliance on broadly aggregated recruitment companies that do not understand your specific requirements.

As such, we are now very eager to propose an end-to-end service proposition to manage the recruitment of temporary or contract personnel to fulfil the very important needs of your specific industry.  Please find below some key points about us:

Rensol operates one of the world’s largest, most agile and scalable specialist candidate search and discovery facilities that utilises detailed information acquired from over 65,000 of the world’s most flexible, professional and qualified personnel in your sector. We then use very intelligent technology as well as manual vetting by specialists in their field to discover the perfect person to step up and fill an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or fixed period vacancy in your business. This keeps your sales rates steady with minimal downtime.

Rensol has rapid turn-around, being able to locate and place people in the shortest amount of time, from over 15 countries that we ensure are qualified, skilful and capable to work straight away. We take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on what you do best.

Rensol is one of the most respected and trusted names in an otherwise complicated employment climate. We have been operating for over 35 years in global territories from Asia to Oceania and rapidly expanding our reach across the UK and Europe. We are frequently endorsed and members of industry associations as an exclusive partner to search and place talented personnel due to the fact the people that work for Impact are generally FROM the very industries they place people in. We all know employment is the key resource for business these days, however, employing people is riddled with risk. Rensol turns this risk into reward.

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