Affinity Programme

LESS staff costs. MAXIMUM output.

The Affinity Programme is guaranteed to save current clients huge amounts of money on managing staff, whilst simultaneously increasing labour productivity and sales.

Rensol proudly introduce the Affinity programme, offered exclusively for clients engaging in our services from Labour Hire. Discounted rates only available to you for permanent staff. Ask your representative for details on how much you can save.

Quality people are ultimately responsible for your sales, therefore staff are probably the single most critical function of your operation; now and in the future.

Since employee matters are usually hurried through in a reactionary manner as and when new projects arise, we strongly assert a need for members to proactively plan ahead. We aim to avoid the pitfalls often associated with being unable to recruit and manage the right people for projects at very late notice within a very low-cost packaged employment solution.

It is better to plan ahead now and have the right HR systems/assistance in place throughout the course of the entire trading year. Because, to maintain your high standards of service when new tenders come in, you need to consistently obtain maximum return from your staff now, not later on down the track.

In tough economic times, the smart players in business know they must constantly be on top of their employment needs by having good staff on-call and maximising return from existing staff without sacrificing your core focus of generating revenues and fulfilling critical orders.

First and foremost, your core function is sales and fulfilling orders. So why be distracted by human resources, recruitment and an employment administration?

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